A Steadfast Faith

December 2017

It is a busy time of year, and we are putting a lot of miles on our little minivan! We enjoyed a sweet Thanksgiving with Elizabeth's family in Massachusetts, had a short visit with James' grandma in Pennsylvania, and are soon heading to North Carolina to celebrate Christmas with the rest of James' family.

In between visits with family (and visiting some favorite childhood sights), we were also able to hold our first few official deputation meetings in Plymouth, MA. We enjoyed sharing our burden for Cache County, UT, and getting to know some more of our brothers and sisters in Christ. It is always a blessing to meet other believers on our travels, and have that "instant connection" of being family in Christ! We were also able to make contact with a few other pastors in the area about possible future meetings.

We are looking ahead to meeting at one more church in Alabama on December 31, then heading home for a few months. James will be busy throughout the first few months of the year with several trips and extended drill weekends for the Army, but we are hoping to head toward South Carolina in the spring, then over to New England in the summer.

Several people have asked when we plan to move toward Cache County, and our answer is... whenever God provides the funds and team members to help us get things started there! We need someone else to be able to lead when James is away with the Army, or when we have to take more deputation trips. We also are sitting at around 20% of our support, and need that to be a bit higher, so we can dedicate more time to doing the work of the ministry.

We continue to give thanks for your faithful prayer support, and especially for those who have been led to support us financially. It is exciting to see how God provides for every need - and then some! - when we are content to wait fully upon Him, and rest in His timing. He is good, all the time!

For the sake of His name,
James & Elizabeth Johnson

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