A Steadfast Faith

December 2021

The Christmas season is in full swing, and we are busily preparing for our special Christmas programs in both Kemmerer and Cokeville. We are looking forward to sharing the news of Christ's birth with our communities, and are praying earnestly that God would work in hearts to draw more people to Himself. It is His coming that not only bridged the gulf between us and our God, but is the source of the Good News that we have been called to preach!

We had a special Thanksgiving Pie and Praise fellowship in Cokeville a few weeks ago, and besides a few "regulars" we also had a local lady and her daughters come. We had contact with her previously, when she brought her oldest daughter to VBS this past summer. Would you pray that we will have further opportunities to minister and share the Gospel with their family? R&R also attended the Pie and Praise fellowship; continue to pray for their salvation. Also, pray for the salvation of B and J&C. We are hoping and praying that all of these will attend our upcoming Christmas service on December 19th. Pray as we advertise this service that both those we have mentioned and others would come to the service, opening opportunities for the Gospel to spread in Cokeville.

On a different note, we received news in the past few weeks that a company is planning to build a new type of nuclear plant in our area. This is a big praise, as it should stabilize the economy of both Kemmerer and Cokeville, which would otherwise be struggling to survive once our power plant closes in a few years. We are expecting nearly 2,000 workers to be in the area to build the new plant over the next 7+ years. This provides not only a much needed boost for our local economy, but also an incredible opportunity for the Gospel! However, it also raises some more prayer requests. First, that the VA would complete their evaluation of James, so he can receive a final rating increase that will allow us to pursue purchasing our first home with a VA-backed loan. Also, that we would be able to find a suitable property for a reasonable price -- local real estate prices are already jumping after the announcement of the nuclear plant. Finally, the church in Kemmerer has grown over the last several years, and is at the point of needing to expand the current building or find another larger space. Please pray for God's direction and perfect timing in each of these situations.

We are also giving thanks that Elizabeth's doctor believes the Wegener's has returned to a state of remission, and she is able to start decreasing her medications. This is good news, of course! However, it is causing her to feel worse until she gets off the majority of the medications, which will take several months if all goes well. She will also need a few more surgeries once that happens, and will continue to have infusions every six months for the next few years, as a maintenance regimen to hopefully reduce the possibility of another flare-up.

We appreciate all of your continued prayers and encouragement as we seek to be faithful in tilling the ground in Cokeville, and we trust God's blessings upon you as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!

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