A Steadfast Faith

February 2020

We apologize for our silence the last few months! Much has remained "status quo" as far as health and housing are concerned, and of course the holidays are always a busy time in ministry.

Last month, James had the opportunity to attend the Arch pastor's fellowship in Florida and be one of the featured church planters. This was an especially encouraging time, with several offers of help with physical provision associated with the start of a new church. It was a special blessing for James to also spend some time with our sending church pastor, Pastor Doug Payne, who was also in attendance. God worked out all the details for this trip, including sustaining James through the exhaustion of traveling and many helpful hands.

Now we begin the shortest month of the year, and yet it's already shaping up to be jam-packed with events and ministry. In addition to the weekly trips to Salt Lake for mobility therapy, we will also enjoy a few short visits from various family members and some special outreach opportunities.

We continue ministering in Cokeville and will be starting the month there with a film and fellowship outreach, showing Genesis: Paradise Lost from Answers in Genesis. Pray for this special event, as several unsaved people have expressed interest in coming and will hear the Gospel. We would also covet your prayers for several regular attenders who are unsaved, that God's Word will be used by the Holy Spirit and these precious souls will receive salvation.

We are still looking forward to starting in earnest in Cache County, but continue to be delayed by a lack of finding suitable housing. With the rental market seemingly even more competitive than the buying market, we are pursuing the necessary steps to use our VA mortgage benefits to purchase. Pray that we will have a speedy process with the government, especially as James' current health issues may play a beneficial part in our application.

On the health front, we continue to trust in God's plan as we face various difficulties. Elizabeth will be starting some monthly treatments to help with her breathing, as her airway has developed scar tissue (a long-term development from the Wegener's). Thankfully, there does not seem to be any active disease, so no further medications are needed at this point. James continues to go to weekly appointments - and at times multiple appointments in a week - for physical therapy and further testing. No further explanations have been found; and unfortunately, the options given by medical professionals are largely based on secular humanistic psychology and fail to adequately explain any of the issues. Although we remain content that an real answer or "cure" may never be found, we continue to seek those things so that further clarity may be given on whether James will be able to continue serving as a Chaplain with the National Guard.

Looking ahead to this summer, we have the promise of one mission team and the possibility of another to help us with VBS, canvassing neighborhoods, and several other aspects of ministry. We will need some fiscal provision to house and feed those coming to help us, and are asking that you consider helping specifically with this. We are also praying that we might be in Cache County by that time to more fully engage with the local community.

Lastly, we ask you to pray in earnest with us for the Adanks, especially that God would provide a job for brother Andy in the Cache Valley. Currently, he is traveling back and forth to be at work during the week and home on the weekends.

We continue to give thanks for your faithful prayers and generous support,

and look forward to sharing more of God's direction as He leads us forward!

For the Sake of His Name,
James & Elizabeth Johnson

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