A Steadfast Faith

February 2021

Welcome to February! We are finally starting to catch up on snow here in Kemmerer, although it has still been a very warm and dry winter overall. While that may sound wonderful to many of you, the lack of moisture could cause problems for our area come fire season. But it is good to know that God is in control of the weather - as well as the state of our nation and everything else!

We bring you this update from quarantine, as Elizabeth has received two rounds of treatment to suppress her immune system over the past few weeks. We are thankful that this medication is not as harsh as her previous treatments for the Wegener's (GPA). She has felt the fatigue caused by the medication, combined with sleeplessness caused by the accompanying steroids, yet God has been good to us and she has not had any major reactions to the treatments. We would appreciate your prayers during this time for our health and to prevent Elizabeth from contracting anything while her immune system is severely suppressed.

James is maintaining as best as possible, while trying to help Elizabeth and care for her as this treatment hits her full force. We continue to seek God's ordering of our steps and, by the strength He gives, to be faithful in the ministry opportunities He has given us. We have been able to livestream Cokeville services from home via Facebook and Skype, which has been a blessing - although it's certainly not the same as meeting together in person!

We also praise God that the VA evaluation process is finally starting to move forward! James has three appointments over the next two months to determine the VA disability rating he will receive as part of the Army's medical review process.

We look forward to returning to gather with the church in Kemmerer and Cokeville once again in a few weeks, assuming Elizabeth's upcoming lab work shows positive results. Please pray that as we return to being in public, Elizabeth does not contract any of the sickness floating around.

Additionally, once we are out of quarantine, we will be continuing our housing search in Cache County. We did apply for a rental house just before we went into quarantine, but our application was not selected. We continue to seek to rent in the Cache Valley as we are still several months at a minimum from being approved to pursue a VA loan.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and financial support! We appreciate each of you so much, and pray for the Lord to return those blessings upon you.

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