A Steadfast Faith

July 2022

Thank you so much for your prayers and to those who gave and helped with VBS in Cokeville. God provided the money for a Uhaul trailer, which helped tremendously during the week. We were able to take just one trip over there with everything, and leave the trailer at the park for tear-down and set-up each day (instead of having to drive multiple carloads to and from the church each day). It's definitely something we'll be planning to do again in the future.

We had a small number of children this year, but the ones who came very excited to be there and especially excited about the Bibles we gave to our top three point-earners. Four of the seven children who attended were new to Bible School in Cokeville, and gave us more contacts to connect with in town. There were a few hiccups with sprinklers being on the first day and the wind knocking over decorations (typical in Wyoming!), but overall everything went smoothly and the children heard the Gospel.

Having had now our 4th year of VBS in Cokeville, we are praying earnestly that the Lord would send some additional helpers to us so that we could begin regular children’s ministries there. Please pray with us that the Lord will open some hearts in Cokeville to the Gospel and we will see fruit for the labor.

We are grateful for some slower weeks this month, and time to physically recuperate from June's busyness. However, we'll also be starting to gear up for our Northwest Baptist Missions annual conference, which will be in Kemmerer this fall. We'd appreciate your prayers as we and the Hartmans will be involved in much of the planning for that over the next few months. Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement! It makes a difference to us and on the mission field, and we are grateful for your partnership with us!

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