A Steadfast Faith

June 2019

Welcome to the beginning of sunshine and heat – that is, unless you live around 7000 feet, where we are still getting an occasional snow shower! On our last trip, as we went into and out of California on I-80 over Donner pass, we drove through snow; and while we were gone, Kemmerer got a few more snow showers. We sadly missed the snow in Kemmerer, but the Lord showered blessings on us through the meetings we had in Hollister and Sonoma, CA.

We were encouraged by the pastors and leaders of both churches, as well as the engaging and thoughtful interactions we had with our fellow believers as we presented the work in Cache County. We were also able to enjoy a day seeing the redwood trees and exploring a bit of San Francisco. While traveling is hard at times, it a blessing to meet and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ and get to see more of the beautiful world God has created for us!

While we were away, Pastor Andy Adank and his wife covered the Sunday service in Cokeville and Pastor Richard Hartman covered the Tuesday night Bible study in Cokeville. We are so grateful to these fellow laborers for their help in caring for the body in Cokeville. We are praying earnestly that the Lord’s timing for the rest of our support would be soon, so that we can lessen the amount we have to be gone from these dear folks and partners in ministry.

Looking Ahead

With that said, please be in prayer as we go to Idaho in June to once again present the ministry. We’ll be in Nampa and Notus, ID, over the weeks of June 16 and 23. We’re looking forward to seeing friends who minister in that area while also sharing what God has called us to do in Cache County.

We'd appreciate your continued prayers for Cokeville as well! We’ve had visitors to the Sunday service almost every week. Pray specifically that these visitors would be saved, and that we would make more contacts and friends for the gospel’s sake there in the community.

Besides regular visitation, we have two main outreach events coming up this summer. First, we are planning to give out free hot dogs on July 20 during their Pioneer Day celebration. This celebration is part of the Mormon culture of the area and usually brings many visitors and relatives into town. Second, we will be holding a VBS in the city park on July 24-26. We are thankful that Friendship Baptist Church in Thayne, WY, has graciously offered their help in putting on this VBS. Please pray that children will come so we can share the gospel with them and that whole families will be saved. Of course, both these outreach events have a material as well as a time cost. We are praying that the Lord would provide the money to purchase the food and drinks to give away on Pioneer Day, as well as prizes and snacks for the 3 days of VBS.

Even further into the future, we are praying that the Lord will provide the support and housing we need in the Cache Valley, so that we can move in September of this year as we are planning. Our co-workers, the Adanks, are currently looking for housing and are desiring to move in June or July. Please pray for them as they are having difficulty finding suitable and affordable housing. One of the negative sides to the blessing of such a economically growing area like Cache County is that the cost of housing has been going up as well.

Thank you for your faithful prayers! We look forward to sharing more with you as God continues to lead us towards Cache County, Utah!

For the Sake of His Name,
James & Elizabeth Johnson

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