A Steadfast Faith

March 2018

We are about to head off on our next deputation trip! This is a short one, with only a few meetings in AL and SC. We are flying into Atlanta on Thursday and, Lord willing, should be headed home 2 weeks later.

We've both stayed very busy the last few months with work, ministry, seminary classes, and multiple Army trips for James. It has brought to light just how much we need team members to help lead Bible studies or services once we're in Logan. It will not do much good to set things in motion, then be without a leader or teacher for weeks at a time! Having another qualified man to lead and preach is critical to maintaining continuity for new Christians or even the simply curious members from the community.

While in Greenville, we will be spending a few days recruiting for that at Bob Jones University. Please pray that God would connect us with people interested in helping us out for a few years! Also, we are still sitting around 20% of our needed support, and need both of those things before we can wisely consider moving to Cache County.

We would also appreciate prayers for health and strength. The busyness has caught up to us, and we're both in need of some good rest and a bit of down-time. Additionally, Elizabeth has been decreasing her medication dosages -- which is a big praise, since she's doing better overall -- but also a prayer request, since the risk of a flare-up increases as she weans off them.

We covet your prayers as we continue to follow God's leading in deputation. While we are very eager to get to the field, we know this is also a critical time for us to continue growing and building partnerships with churches. We will need that support over the long haul, both financially and prayerfully!

We give thanks for those who have given financially over the past few months, which helped tremendously with our trip expenses. We are also very grateful for your faithful prayer support as we seek to obey God's leading. It is much appreciated!

For the Sake of His Name,
James & Elizabeth Johnson

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