A Steadfast Faith

March 2020

Over the last month, we received great encouragement from many of you and our fellow laborers in Northwest Baptist Missions. We asked for the elders of the mission board to pray over us on the 20th of February, and we were so thankful that our sending pastor, Doug Payne, could join. We had the opportunity and blessing to have Pastor Payne with us for several days Kemmerer, and to share with him in person the opportunity in Cache County.

Please continue to pray for us as James will be going into the hospital on March 16 for three weeks of intensive physical therapy. Such a time commitment is not our first choice with the many ministry responsibilities in Cokeville and desire to get to the Cache Valley, but we rest in God's care of us that it is His plan for us right now. Please be in prayer that this treatment will be helpful in some way, and also for Elizabeth as she will be on her own during that time.

In Cokeville, we have two families who regularly attend services but are LDS. They hear the Gospel each week but still have not shown any interest in trusting Christ for salvation. In the last week, one of the families brought three of their grandchildren with them, each of whom also heard the Gospel and also attended VBS last year.

We are attempting to work out the plans for VBS again this year in Cokeville, as well as hoping to have Bible Clubs in parks throughout Cache Valley. We are in need of both financial support and personnel to aid us in these ministry opportunities, and would welcome any of your help in these specific endeavors. We do have one mission team confirmed to come out in the beginning of August, but that may be a little too late to run VBS.

Lastly, in addition to praying that God directs us to move in the coming months, please be in prayer for our partners, the Adanks, as Andy is still looking for a job in Cache County and will lose his current position in April.

We continue to give thanks for your faithful prayers and generous support, and look forward to sharing more of God's direction as He leads us forward!

For the sake of His Name,
James & Elizabeth Johnson

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