A Steadfast Faith

May 2017

We pulled into Kemmerer exactly one year ago today! It's been so helpful to have this time of internship, not only to learn more about the culture and climate, but also for both of us to get more involved in various ministries within the church and the community. We've learned so much in the past 12 months! We've enjoyed the time, and God has continued to increase our burden for this area of the West and our desire to bring the gospel specifically to Cache County, Utah.

We have our first deputation meeting scheduled for September at our home church in South Carolina. If you're in that general area and want to have us come by your church - let us know! We'd also greatly appreciate prayers for wisdom in scheduling meetings, and for God's direction and provision for lodging and transportation during that time.

Meanwhile, we're continuing to stay busy with work, church ministry, military responsibilities, and other activities. James finally received orders for his official National Guard unit in Utah, and has been able to meet most of the soldiers over the past two months. He's actually away with them right now for a week of Annual Training. And praise the Lord - his chaplaincy paperwork has been finally been approved and he is now officially an Army Chaplain! While this means he's now eligible for deployments, it is a relief to finally reach the goal he's been training for over the past 10 years.

We're also gearing up for some full months ahead with Vacation Bible School and other community outreaches. The town starts coming alive in May as the weather gets nicer, and there's plenty of community-wide activities that provide opportunities for outreach and building connections with people in town.

We appreciate all of the prayers and encouragement over the past year, and continue to depend on them as we move forward into the next stage of our ministry!

Here's a few specific requests to keep in prayer:

  • Fruitful ministries in Kemmerer & surrounding areas
  • Vacation Bible School in June
  • Community outreaches during the summer
  • Continued good health for Elizabeth
  • Direction in setting up meetings for deputation
  • Provision for transportation & lodging while on deputation
  • Wisdom and direction for our future ministry in Logan, UT

We so very much appreciate your support!

For the Sake of His Name,
James & Elizabeth Johnson