A Steadfast Faith

May 2023

The year is moving fast, and so is the melting snow (finally!). This past winter saw record-breaking amounts of snowfall, which caused many days and early mornings of snow shoveling and plowing. However, amongst all that work, we are very thankful for the abundant water supply for our coming summer and fall. Yet as the weather warms, there is a high chance of flooding in our area due to such rapid snowmelt. Please pray that our snow will melt in a way that fills our regional reservoirs and doesn't cause any major flooding.

We are thankful for the strength God has been giving James as he has carried the responsibilities of both the church plant in Cokeville and the church in Kemmerer several times throughout the past months, due to illness and other circumstances. We are thankful to be in a position that allows us to serve in both places and for the grace given. It is a joy to serve alongside the Hartmans, and to be able to repay them in kind for all the ways they have helped us.

We have been trying to make progress on our house search; however, the market here is still on the more expensive side because of pending economic growth. We rejoice that our communities here in Kemmerer and Cokeville are growing, and that God is enlarging the opportunities for the Gospel by bringing more of the mission field right to our doorstep. We trust that God will provide just the right place for us as we work through the seemingly unending mortgage application process with the VA and our bank. We certainly appreciate your prayers through all of that.

Looking ahead to the summer months, Elizabeth will be spending much of it in medical appointments and procedures. Her health continues to improve slowly, but the doctors want her to do a few more treatments to make sure things stay in remission. She has another infusion for the Wegener's next week, then after a few months of recovery, will be having reconstructive surgery for damage caused by the disease. With these medical procedures and their requisite follow-up appointments, we are planning to do just a one-day VBS in Cokeville on July 21st, running most of the day. With a single longer day, we will still be able to have crafts and games (etc), but will also have time to present two Bible lessons instead of just one. Please begin to pray for this outreach, and for the children who come to be open to and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. We will also be helping with VBS in Kemmerer in August, and would welcome your prayers for that week to be profitable as well.

Please also continue praying fervently for those in Cokeville who have heard the Gospel but not yet responded to it. Lately, our Tuesday Bible Study has generated some interesting discussions that have led to repeated clear presentations of the Gospel. R&R are Mormon and have a very confused sense of what salvation truly is - pray that it will become clear to them, and they will accept it. J has thrown themself into the formalism of the Episcopal church and is not currently attending the Bible Study - pray with us that they will return and be saved. B has recently lost their partner and has been quietly listening - pray that they would find their hope in the Gospel. C continues to profess salvation, but their fruit speaks of trusting in works while they wonder if they have lost their salvation - pray that they would find the security that comes from true faith in Jesus Christ.

Lastly, we ask that you pray for the Hartmans, whom we serve with, and the church in Kemmerer. The Hartmans are walking through a difficult time of loss right now. The church in Kemmerer was promised some land for a new building by a person coming into town to do some development. It has since come out that the person was not authorized to make that offer and has left town under unfavorable circumstances. Pray for the Lord’s provision at the right time to expand the facilities for the church, including adding a permanent baptismal. Winter has affected attendance and we have not been bursting at the seams lately, but it will likely pick up again with the warmer weather. With the increase in attendance, we are also consistently having several visitors, some of whom are unsaved. Pray with us to see people saved and to have an even greater need for a larger building and permanent baptismal.

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