A Steadfast Faith

November 2016

November is almost over, and the year is almost gobbled up (pun intended). It is hard to be far away from our families during this season, but God has blessed with some great friends in the area, and we were blessed to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with some of them. It was a refreshing break from the busyness of everything else going on. Par for the course with us, everything has been happening all at once!

God graciously provided James with another software development contract, which will keep him busy over the next couple of months. Please pray that this work continues to be steady. Elizabeth has also stayed busy with work, as well as recently becoming a sales consultant with Norwex, and she will be teaching her first piano lesson very soon!

On the Army front, James' transfer to the UT National Guard is finally complete, and he was able to start drilling again - as the only non-LDS Chaplain for UT! His packet for promotion and the final stages of becoming a full chaplain are still in full swing, with anticipation that they will be completed sometime in January.

We are also grateful that God has provided some excellent medical care for Elizabeth. We've made several trips recently to see doctors in Logan and Salt Lake City, and have been impressed and pleased with all of them. Thankfully, it looks like Elizabeth's health is very stable right now, and she is doing exceedingly well in this western climate!

Here's how to pray for us more specifically:

  • Church - We are enjoying the opportunity to partner with the Hartmans and be a help to them while we are here. We'll be covering the services again this Sunday (music, teaching, preaching, and children's ministry), and James will be leading the Wednesday service as well. We're also planning a special Christmas service.
  • Kemmerer - James continues to help with weekly Bible studies and jail ministry. Elizabeth is still working to connect with others through events at the local library. We're also praying for opportunities to reach others with the Gospel, especially during the Christmas season!
  • Logan - We continue to make trips to Logan, Utah, and have been doing more research on churches and religious organizations in that area. Please pray that God would provide specific direction for the future, and allow us to connect with more people in the community.
  • Deputation - As winter comes upon us, we are beginning to look to next year and beginning deputation. Please pray as we begin to arrange meetings that we would be attentive to God’s timing for when we should start.
  • Army - Pray that the National Guard will approve pay and travel orders for James to attend his mandatory Chaplaincy Endorser's conference in February. We are hopeful that Elizabeth may be able to go if we can afford for her travel, and that we could visit our home church in SC during that week.
  • Provision - Our van has been showing its age, and we're starting to shop for a minivan or SUV that can handle the Wyoming winters and be able to tow a travel trailer (for deputation). Please pray that our current van would continue running, and that God would provide in His way for a new-to-us vehicle. We would also appreciate prayer for continued work for both of us, especially as we need to save up for these future needs!

In the future, we will be sharing more immediate, short-term prayer requests on our new Facebook page (here). Be sure to "like" it to stay updated!

As always, feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested. We appreciate the prayer support!

For the Sake of His Name,

James & Elizabeth Johnson