A Steadfast Faith

October 2020

It’s hard to believe October is halfway over already. Fall is arriving in many places, and departing from others. We have already enjoyed the colors of God's paintbrush as He changed the aspens into golden pillars amidst the dusty ground and dark green conifers in the mountains.

Over the past month we have also enjoyed the joy of visits from family and friends, and the beauty of Christian fellowship during our annual conference with Northwest Baptist Missions. Like many other planned activities in 2020, this year's fellowship happened virtually instead of the in-person gathering that we usually enjoy.

The push to technology caused by COVID has had its blessings, however, by pushing us to learn how to use live streaming and other virtual tools to spread the Gospel. As we have been ministering in Cokeville over these past months, we have also been live streaming the Sunday service on Facebook and uploading the recordings to YouTube. This has allowed God's message to be seen and viewed by several in our community—and across the world—who will not attend non-LDS services or have direct contact with us.

Meanwhile, our services have continued regularly with steady attendance, including a few visitors occasionally. We just finished a series on “God in Troubled Times,” considering where God is, what He is doing, and what our calling is in challenging circumstances. The final sermon in the series dealt with Noah and our mutual calling to be heralds of righteousness in troubled times. The week after that, we had a film and fellowship night and watched two short films about Noah that were produced by Answers in Genesis. A local lady with whom we have had contact previously was invited by one of our group and brought her three small children—all of whom heard the Gospel. Please pray for "A" and her family that they would be saved.

We have two additional requests for Cokeville of a more physical nature. First is the need for a good air purifier to help keep down the allergens that are afflicting many in our region. Second, we desire to either get copies of Hymns Modern and Ancient as a supplement to our hymnals, or to replace our hymnals altogether with the Rejoice Hymnal. We currently use Great Hymns of the Faith, but our books are starting to wear out and the hymn selection is rather limited.

Meanwhile, we continue in a waiting state for the Army's medical review board and the VA approval process. Please pray with us that these two processes will progress quickly and favorably. We are praying that we will be approved for a VA home loan by the spring and be able to purchase our first home and move to the Cache Valley at that time. Additionally, please pray that our physical strength will be increased so we can continue ministering in Cokeville even while we begin the labor of church planting in the Cache Valley, at least until God brings another shepherd to take over the work in Cokeville.

We are glad to report that Andy Adank has been able to start a new work-at-home job, and praise God for His provision. He and his wife have been making the 2 hour journey to attend the Sunday service in Cokeville, now that the worst of the virus seems to have passed. We pray that we will soon be worshiping and ministering together in the Cache Valley as well. As God paints nature all around us with the brilliance of fall, remember that even though we do not always see it, He is painting the brilliance of His Son in the lives of those around us.

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