A Steadfast Faith

October 2021

We rejoice in the safety and recovery of many who we know who have contracted COVID. And we both mourn and rejoice for those few dear ones whom God has chosen to relieve earthly sufferings and take into His presence - one of whom was Kathy Ehmann, the wife of our mission board director and a source of great help to the mission and encouragement to us all. We are grateful that we both seem to have been spared so far, but we know that it is all in God's hands no matter what!

On the health front, continue to pray for Elizabeth as she fights this Wegener's flareup. She has another airway surgery the second week of October, and if they don't see any inflammation during that procedure, then she will be able to start tapering off her medications very slowly. Her labs show that the immune system is truly suppressed at this point, but they are still wanting her to get a few more infusions (like she had this past February) to help maintain a state of remission.

James had another VA evaluation at the end of September. Please pray with us that they will increase his disability rating to at least 70% so that we can receive both the VA disability and Army retirement. This decision and awaiting the remaining paperwork are the last things to complete his retirement process. We are grateful to report that, after a bit of red-tape hassle, his information has finally been updated in their systems and we are able to retain our insurance coverage with no hiccups - definitely a blessing with all our current medical needs!

As we anticipate the completion of this retirement process, we look forward to soon searching for and purchasing a home in the area. We are praying that God would provide a place that will allow us to host visitors and be conducive to ministering in Kemmerer with the Hartmans and tilling the soil in Cokeville. We are thankful that after many years of ministerial preparation, the Lord continues to direct our steps and is allowing us to set down roots!

Beyond our personal needs, we ask you to continue to pray for the work in Cokeville, especially for the salvation of J&C, R&R, M&P, and each of their children. We trust God to be building His church and we ask to see fruit for the labor, that a body of believers would be established in this community that is 98% Mormon. Additionally, please pray that those previously mentioned above or others we have not yet had contact with would be saved and desire to be discipled in Christ.

We closed the month of September with James attending our mission board's annual fellowship meeting in Nephi, Utah. It was a very encouraging and spiritually challenging time. The fellowship was sweet, and it was good to catch up with our ministry family from around the intermountain west. Unfortunately, Elizabeth could not attend because her current treatments have depleted her immune cells; however, she was able to tune into a livestream of the services. We hope and pray that next year will see us all together again!

As the season changes and the aspens turn a brilliant gold, we look forward to one day having our earthly bodies transformed into the brilliance of our Savior. Until then, may we be found faithful for the sake of His name!

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