A Steadfast Faith

October 2023

Happy Fall! Both Kemmerer and Cokeville are starting to slow down from all the tourists and temporary workers that we had during the summer. Fall is in full swing here with brilliant golden aspens and deep red bushes. It is also time for our own preparations for winter, with snowfall already happening in the higher elevations around us and hopefully in our area soon. We are certainly enjoying the cooler weather after a long, hot summer!

We are giving thanks to God that Elizabeth's reconstruction surgery went well. Beyond fixing the structural issues, the surgical team checked on her lung and airway issues and did some needed cleanup. It already appears to be giving Elizabeth some improvement in her breathing, among other benefits, although things are still swollen and will be for a while. She sees the doctor in a few weeks to make sure everything continues to heal well, so we are hoping for a good report. We thank you for your prayers for her during this procedure!

In addition to Elizabeth's surgery and related doctor visits, we have been continuing to look for a house. The prices are starting to come down slightly, likely due to the impending winter, although the high interest rate definitely makes things challenging. But we are praying that God will provide us with an affordable place that fits our needs before winter sets in. Please be in prayer for this and that we can get moved in before the snow piles up.

We continue our weekly Sunday Service, Bible Study, and visiting in Cokeville. We are looking forward to our fall Pie & Praise event at Thanksgiving, where we spend time singing songs of praise and thanksgiving and eating a little pie. This event has brought in new visitors for the last several years, and we are expecting some this year as well. Pray with us that we will have some new visitors this year and that they will continue to come after this special Tuesday night event.

As you pray with us for visitors, continue to pray with us for the salvation of R&R, C&J, B, and the A's. All have heard the Gospel, all are trusting in something else, and all have had or are going through some very difficult times. We are grateful that RG appears to have made a full recovery from recent medical issues and continues to be a great encouragement. Pray with us that God will send us several more such people, especially ones who could help us get a children's ministry/Sunday School started.

The church in Kemmerer has also had several new people coming, including a family with two girls that are a result of Mrs. Hartman buying VBS decoration supplies at our local hardware store. Pray that this family and others who have been visiting will have a desire to come and for God's Word.

If the Lord might lead you out to help us, there are many jobs open in our area - from the nuclear power plant, to federal forestry and BLM jobs, even local state highway and city mechanic positions. If you are ready for a change of pace, some quieter small-town life, and to be used by God in spreading the Gospel and planting churches, we would love to talk with you about the possibility of coming to the Mountain West!

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