A Steadfast Faith

September 2019

The past two months have been rather full with some unexpected twists and turns. Our ministry in Cokeville and Kemmerer has continued, and we are excited to report that our partners the Adanks have bought a house in Logan and are moving over this month!

However, August brought about another prayer request. While James was away in mid-August for his Army training, he began experiencing dizziness, nausea, seizure-like convulsions, and loss of motor control in his legs, along with severe fatigue. He spent some time in the hospital, and Elizabeth was able to catch a ride down to be with him (thanks to the gracious help of the Chaplain Corp). They ran quite a few tests, all of which we are thankful to say came back normal—but that also means we don't have any idea what's causing everything.

Unfortunately the symptoms have continued since returning home, which makes everyday life a bit challenging for both of us, but God has been gracious in providing the strength we need each day. Please pray especially for Elizabeth as she has had to take on several areas of responsibility and provide a lot of help to James during this time. Pray that she has continued energy and that her health would continue to remain stable despite the added stress and fatigue.

One big praise in all of this is that the issues started while James was on duty, and so the medical expenses are being covered by the Army. We are still waiting to find out what this means for ongoing military duty—a lot depends on if/when we can get an official diagnosis. James has already seen a neurologist, and is being referred to another specialist for further diagnostic testing. Please pray that we can get some answers soon, and that God would allow the symptoms to start resolving (with or without medical help).

Next week we are looking forward to attending the annual meeting of our mission board, Northwest Baptist Missions. We are excited to fellowship with dear friends that we don't see very often, as well as hearing some good messages and celebrating the mission board's 50th anniversary. Please pray for our mission board that more servants will be led by God to come and minister in the mountain West. Several mission pastors (like ourselves and the Hartmans) are caring for more than one body of believers, and there is always a need for helpers in every ministry! For instance, once we move to Cache County, there will be a need for another couple here to help with music and teaching here in Kemmerer. If you are looking for a place to serve - why not consider coming out West?

Meanwhile, we have also begun looking for housing in Cache County. We would appreciate your prayers as this is proving to be a little more challenging than we expected. Many places are not pet friendly, too expensive, or simply not big enough for us to both work and minister well in the space provided. Finding time (and energy) to look has also been a bit of a challenge, but we are pushing through in hopes that we can find something before the snow starts accumulating. We are eager to move, and trust that God will continue to provide as He has all along... but we could certainly use prayers for wisdom as we follow His leading!

We appreciate your faithful prayers and loving support, and look forward to sharing more of God's great provision and direction as He leads us forward!

For the Sake of His Name,
James & Elizabeth Johnson

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