A Steadfast Faith

June 2022

Things have been very busy for us recently with ministry in Kemmerer and Cokeville, including the funeral of one of our dear folks from Cokeville and Kemmerer. James was privileged to perform the funeral on May 28th and have opportunity to preach the gospel to many who are unsaved.

Ministry in Kemmerer, both in the church and the local jail, has been flourishing. Several in the jail have made professions of faith over the last few months, with many showing signs of spiritual growth. The church body has grown to the point of needing larger facilities, so we have been... (Read more)

March 2022

As some of you know, our year started with sadness and cross-country travel. Right after Christmas, Elizabeth's father became suddenly ill and was hospitalized shortly afterward. He quickly ended up in the ICU, and passed into glory about 2 weeks later.

We ended up driving cross-country at the very beginning of January to be there for whatever happened. Thankfully, God allowed us to have an appointment already scheduled for Elizabeth in Salt Lake City, which required us to travel down - and thus escape a storm that shut down our entire town and the interstate across... (Read more)

December 2021

The Christmas season is in full swing, and we are busily preparing for our special Christmas programs in both Kemmerer and Cokeville. We are looking forward to sharing the news of Christ's birth with our communities, and are praying earnestly that God would work in hearts to draw more people to Himself. It is His coming that not only bridged the gulf between us and our God, but is the source of the Good News that we have been called to preach!

We had a special Thanksgiving Pie and Praise fellowship in Cokeville a few weeks ago, and besides a few... (Read more)

October 2021

We rejoice in the safety and recovery of many who we know who have contracted COVID. And we both mourn and rejoice for those few dear ones whom God has chosen to relieve earthly sufferings and take into His presence - one of whom was Kathy Ehmann, the wife of our mission board director and a source of great help to the mission and encouragement to us all. We are grateful that we both seem to have been spared so far, but we know that it is all in God's hands no matter what!

On the health front, continue to pray for Elizabeth as she fights this Wegener's flareup. She has... (Read more)

August 2021

To say a lot has happened since our last update would be an understatement. In all things, God has been good to us, showering us with grace and strength!

During the last week of July we had VBS in Cokeville, with the tremendous support of our church family in Kemmerer, who helped provide both necessary supplies and physical help throughout the week. Though we had fewer children this year, with a high attendance of 11, we had multiple children come from the previous three years, and all who came were excited and eager to participate. We praise God for their attendance... (Read more)

June 2021

Summer has come to Wyoming, and brought 90 degree weather along with it. We are missing the cold, but are thankful for some extra rain over the past month that has helped provide some much-needed moisture for our area.

It has been a challenging two months since our last update. James has been about the same overall, but has also been dealing with an eye ulcer that's fairly painful, especially in the bright summer sun. The eye doctor prescribed two types of drops for him to use, and we are praying for full healing over the next few weeks.

Elizabeth took a turn... (Read more)

April 2021

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed! We had a good but tiring Easter, with a special Song & Scripture Service in Cokeville. Please continue to pray for those in Cokeville who have heard the Gospel, especially C&J and R&R. Also, pray as the LDS church has begun meeting again and some of our regular attenders have returned to their services at the ward.

Please continue to keep Elizabeth in your prayers as she is still trying to bounce back from the infusions. Her labs are showing good results, but she continues to battle chronic fatigue along with a few other physical... (Read more)

February 2021

Welcome to February! We are finally starting to catch up on snow here in Kemmerer, although it has still been a very warm and dry winter overall. While that may sound wonderful to many of you, the lack of moisture could cause problems for our area come fire season. But it is good to know that God is in control of the weather - as well as the state of our nation and everything else!

We bring you this update from quarantine, as Elizabeth has received two rounds of treatment to suppress her immune system over the past few weeks. We are thankful that this medication is... (Read more)

December 2020

At this time of year, as we spend more time with family and the many activities we enjoy, let us not forget the gift of Christ and the awful cost of our sin. In remembrance of the birth of Jesus our Savior, take the opportunity this Christmas to share the Good News: Jesus was born, died, and rose again -- all in accordance with God's plan!

We have continued to share this good news in Cokeville, preaching weekly on Sunday and teaching Bible study on Tuesday nights. We are looking forward to a special Christmas service on the 20th with readings concerning Christ's... (Read more)

October 2020

It’s hard to believe October is halfway over already. Fall is arriving in many places, and departing from others. We have already enjoyed the colors of God's paintbrush as He changed the aspens into golden pillars amidst the dusty ground and dark green conifers in the mountains.

Over the past month we have also enjoyed the joy of visits from family and friends, and the beauty of Christian fellowship during our annual conference with Northwest Baptist Missions. Like many other planned activities in 2020, this year's fellowship happened... (Read more)