A Steadfast Faith

February 2020

We apologize for our silence the last few months! Much has remained "status quo" as far as health and housing are concerned, and of course the holidays are always a busy time in ministry.

Last month, James had the opportunity to attend the Arch pastor's fellowship in Florida and be one of the featured church planters. This was an especially encouraging time, with several offers of help with physical provision associated with the start of a new church. It was a special blessing for James to also spend some time with our sending church pastor, Pastor Doug Payne, who... (Read more)

November 2019

Your continued prayer and specific acts of support and encouragement, especially during this extended time of difficulty, is very dear to our hearts. Through them, God has given us the strength and ability to continue doing what He has called us to do.

Some minor progress has been made on the health front for James. He just started physical therapy for balance and mobility, and we are encouraged by the therapist's optimism concerning full recovery. He also has another upcoming appointment with a different neurologist, who will hopefully do more diagnostic work and... (Read more)

September 2019

The past two months have been rather full with some unexpected twists and turns. Our ministry in Cokeville and Kemmerer has continued, and we are excited to report that our partners the Adanks have bought a house in Logan and are moving over this month!

However, August brought about another prayer request. While James was away in mid-August for his Army training, he began experiencing dizziness, nausea, seizure-like convulsions, and loss of motor control in his legs, along with severe fatigue. He spent some time in the hospital, and Elizabeth was able to catch a ride... (Read more)

August 2019

July was spent around home for us, but it was no less busy than the rest of the year! We spent many hours in Cokeville, beginning with Independence Day celebrations. While we didn't have any official "ministries" that day, we spent time just being there and getting to know more of the residents. We made a few contacts, and are hoping to continue building upon those initial conversations in the coming months!

More recently, we were able to have several good days of Vacation Bible School, along with a community lunch outreach in Cokeville. VBS gave us the opportunity to... (Read more)

July 2019

July is here and so is summer... and at 7000 feet, that means our warmer weather still has a bit of that Wyoming breeze, and it is staying very comfortable. After being in 23 different states since Christmas, we are looking forward to actually having some time at home this month, and celebrating Independence Day as well as 12 wonderful years of marriage!

June included a bit of time with the Army and a very encouraging trip to Notus and Nampa, ID. We were so happy to see many friends again while we were there, which made it a very enjoyable 2 weeks! The trip started out... (Read more)

June 2019

Welcome to the beginning of sunshine and heat – that is, unless you live around 7000 feet, where we are still getting an occasional snow shower! On our last trip, as we went into and out of California on I-80 over Donner pass, we drove through snow; and while we were gone, Kemmerer got a few more snow showers. We sadly missed the snow in Kemmerer, but the Lord showered blessings on us through the meetings we had in Hollister and Sonoma, CA.

We were encouraged by the pastors and leaders of both churches, as well as the engaging and thoughtful interactions we had with... (Read more)

May 2019

May is here and many miles have come, and many more are yet to come. It has been a very full spring already, starting with services for Easter in both Kemmerer and Cokeville, increased time ministering in Cokeville, and a whirlwind trip to MA for the funeral for Elizabeth’s grandfather. Thank you so much to all who sent sweet cards, helped us financially, and prayed specifically for us during that time. It was very helpful and much appreciated!

We left Kemmerer on Tuesday evening the 23rd and made it to Plymouth, MA, around midnight on the 25th – and we now know that... (Read more)

April 2019

It has been over a month since our last update, but as some of you may have noticed via our Facebook updates, we have been on the road for a while doing deputation meetings. We had good meetings in Mentor, Ohio; Spartanburg, South Carolina; and Brevard, North Carolina. Additionally, we were able to participate in the missions conference at our home church, Faith Baptist Church in Reidville, South Carolina.

An added blessing was being able to see both of our families while we were back east, with James’ family meeting up at the Wilds and Elizabeth’s parents meeting us... (Read more)

January 2019

This has already been a full year, and things are just getting started! Right after Christmas. James went to Kalispell, Montana, and had the opportunity to preach for the winter teen retreat at Lake Blaine Baptist Camp. Attendance was great, the fellowship was refreshing, and he made quite a few contacts with other pastors in the northwestern region of the country. Two weeks later, he was off to the Salt Lake area for Chaplain duty, then flying from there to Florida for the Arch Ministries fellowship meeting. We were blessed that the flights and lodging were covered by the... (Read more)