A Steadfast Faith

March 2017

As many of you know, February was a bit chaotic with car issues and lots of travel for James. Our Chevy Uplander began having more problems, as we described in our previous emails. But praise be to God for His provision of a free, new-to-us Toyota Sienna! We are still working on getting the title (being held up by insurance) and need to do some minor work to it for functionality's sake, but the vehicle is in good condition. In the meantime, God has kept the Uplander running well enough for all the travel James has been doing.

Our travels started with a trip to Salt... (Read more)

January 2017

We are constantly amazed by the faithfulness and goodness of God's provision, as we seek to obey and acknowledge Him in all our ways. Our van has been acting up for a while, and it recently decided to have a major tantrum. Turns out, the computer was starting to go. Of course, the van is old and has many miles on it, and so pouring money into a major repair like that just didn't seem wise. However, we have many trips to make between here and Salt Lake City or Logan -- and all of them are over steep mountain passes, which our van struggles with on a good day. We'd been... (Read more)

December 2016 - Merry Christmas

We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and many moments of joy with those you hold dear! We are looking forward to leading a special Christmas program on Sunday, as we remember Christ's birth two-thousand years ago and rejoice that God would show His love to us in such a manner. Please pray that some of the unsaved members of our community would join in our celebration at church this year.

And though we are far from our families this year, we are grateful for the Hartmans who have invited us to spend the remainder of Christmas Day with them and their (adult)... (Read more)

November 2016

November is almost over, and the year is almost gobbled up (pun intended). It is hard to be far away from our families during this season, but God has blessed with some great friends in the area, and we were blessed to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with some of them. It was a refreshing break from the busyness of everything else going on. Par for the course with us, everything has been happening all at once!

God graciously provided James with another software development contract, which will keep him busy over the next couple of months. Please pray... (Read more)

October 2016

Happy October! What is fall like where you are? Here in Wyoming, it's ushered in with a panorama of brilliant fall colors. The leaves started changing in mid-September, and the blend of golden aspens, red maples and oaks, and dark green fir trees is absolutely beautiful. Even the wildflowers joined in with bright golden sunflowers and reddish-orange ground covering. Thankfully, the colors have lasted quite a few weeks - which is a thrill to this former New England girl!

Autumn also marks the beginning of snowy season... in fact, we "enjoyed" our... (Read more)

August 2016

It has been a very full summer so far! The last two months have been filled with ministry activity, community involvement, and fellowship with other ministry couples, along with all the regular responsibilities of life. Some of the highlights have included:

  • helping to lead a week-long Vacation Bible School in June
  • assisting with a weekly Bible Study in Cokeville, WY, and co-leading bi-weekly services at the local jail (James)
  • participating in local July 4th festivities including a free pancake breakfast, parade, community barbecue,... (Read more)

June 2016

Praise the Lord, we finally have a house to move into! We found a nice mobile home park in town that had a few available units, and finally heard back yesterday afternoon that we'd been approved for a newer 3-bed 2-bath. We were a bit nervous about the idea of living in a mobile home throughout the long Wyoming winters, but this one seems very well constructed and winterized, and the park management seems very responsive and eager to keep their residents happy and safe.

In the midst of this housing transition, we have already been quite busy with ministry. Besides... (Read more)

May 2016

For those who have been following our journey, we made it to our new hometown last night around 8 PM Mountain Time!!! We'll be here in Kemmerer, WY, for the next year or so. It's a small town in southwestern Wyoming, with a population of about 3000 and elevation of around 6950. Right now it's about 50 degrees and very dry, which is a very welcome change from the humid 80 degree weather we left in SC!

We are so thankful that God provided a place to stay here while we look for housing. The owner of this hotel is actually a member of Grace Baptist, and has generously... (Read more)

March 2016

We've had a long nine months of waiting for God's timing in moving West, and all of sudden things are happening! There's been a lot of exciting developments over the past few weeks regarding our cross-country move, and everything's starting to come together rather quickly.

The first detail to fall into place was the Lord's provision of a full-time work-from-home computer programming job for James. This was a big step toward narrowing down our internship location, since it will mean he doesn't have to depend on finding an EMS job in the community. The flexibility of... (Read more)