A Steadfast Faith

October 2017

Sometimes God's plans are completely different than anything we expect! James stayed prepped and ready to go through this past weekend, when his on-call orders ended, but he ended up never going anywhere. We aren't sure why God didn't want us heading east for deputation last month, but it's comforting to know He has everything in His perfect control - even when we don't see the reasons for it.

We are now looking toward next month, and making plans to head east (Lord willing!) for several meetings in Massachusetts and Alabama. Since we'll be along the eastern coast,... (Read more)

August 2017

Summer is over, and a new phase of our journey is beginning! We'll be heading out soon for our first round of deputation meetings - and while we're not looking forward to the long hours on the road, we're excited to share our burden for Cache County! Our first trip will be to our old stomping grounds in Greenville, SC.

We'll be presenting our ministry at our sending church, Faith Baptist Church of Reidville, and helping with various ministries there on September 17th and 24th. The following week, October 2-5, we'll be... (Read more)